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New jokes are added here regularly. Your challenge, if you are prepared to accept it,  is to send us a joke about dogs or police officers or even Constable Bryan's haircut that we haven't seen before!
All you need to do to send us a joke is type it into the white box below. Once you are finished click on the button "Finish"

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From Debie

Why did the Turtle cross the road?, To go to the Shell Station. :D

From Ashley

Q. How do you make a Tissue dance? A. You put a little boogie in it!

From Quinn Dixon -Neale

What did the egg say to the other egg. lets get cracking

From emma simpson

What do you get when you see a cow and a sheep and a goat:A milky bar kid

From lynda carter.


From BJ

CB" Gosh it's cold today...(rubbing head) Bobbie: Oh well hair today..gone tomorrow.

From Ruma Pohutukawa St Joseph's School Oamaru

What's black and white and read all over?....... A newspaper. What's the difference between a moth and a fly? A moth can fly but a fly can't moth. Doctor... I only have 30 seconds to live. Ok, I'll be with you in a minute!

From ashley jane bates

What did one germ say to the other. ........ lets spread around.

From laura burrell

Q)why did the horse cross the road a)to see its neigh-bour

From kaia

why did the hedgehog cross the road. to see its flat mate

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