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Bryan & Bobby available to purchase on DVD

Bryan & Bobby has been designed by teachers and government organisations for Blue Light Ventures Incorporated NZ, the series screened on TV3 and is part of a resource kit which has been distributed to every primary school throughout NZ through the support of Trillian Trust.

What is Bryan & Bobby?

Constable Bryan Ward and his furry friend Bobby look at how you can keep yourself, your friends and your family safe at home, at school and in your community.

The dynamic duo use plenty of humour, the talents of local kids and the help of special celebrity guests to get their messages to their young friends. Topics covered include: bullying, road & bicycle safety, internet safety, fire safety, pool safety, what to do when lost or in an emergency, plus many more.

Series One - 25 x 10 minute programmes
Series Two - 30 x 10 minute programmes
Series Three - 20 x 10 minute programmes

Each programme has a strong message of safety and community awareness for 'kids of all ages'.

The topics covered in the fact sheet section of this website give a good indication of what is on the DVDs.

Thank you for you interest, if you purchase the DVD please be aware that while it has played on TV as entertainment, it is supposed to be a useful resource to make children, their parents and/or caregivers more conscious of their surroundings and safety.


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